Android App Development Institute in Chandigarh

Welcome to Devxor Institute,here we offer exploring,learning and enhancing C# training program.In this we will teach you fundamentals of C#, basics ,syntax of C#,variables, OOP, connection with database, web development and much more.We are committed to you in providing more than technical knowledge so that you can easily achieve success in live-projects.Our course will leads to improvement in your future growth. Learning advanced things will increase your confidence and will take you to next level.

C# Fundamentals

C# fundamentals will be taught in such a way that it will be easy for students to grasp. and perform further programs.


Proper web-developemnt course is teached and students are given respected time to complete there tasks.


Students will learn how Database is connected,data is fetched.Basically how to create a bridge for fetching data.

Mobile Experience


of employees rarely use enterprise mobile apps because of poor user experience.

Device Diversity


devices are used daily by a person for work/non-work activities.

Business Impact


of IT professionals believe mobility will impact their businesses as much as or more than the internet did in the 1990s.

Building Skills for future Developers.

We have highly skilled experts , who will look after students and will teach them. Proper sessions, lectures will be conducted for students.So that they can clear and discuss there doubts with there respective teachers.




Windows Mobility